Thursday, August 29, 2019

Back to School with Elementari

Elementari is a wonderful new site for digital storytelling and project based learning.  Educators are using this easy-to-use tool to have students create interactive digital stories, digital portfolios, presentations, and even choose-your-own-adventures.  Stories can contain, custom made illustrations, sound effects, or even have a user record their very own audio.  Also, a teacher can customize an already created project as a template to help integrate into their own classroom.  Best of all, the educational portal allows for educators to create student accounts and approve all stories before being published "(ideal for COPPA/CIPA compliance).

Back to School updates:
New Classroom Features
  • Classroom analytics - Measure how your students engage and learn with Elementari with key metrics such as time spent writing, time spent coding, and the number of characters written day by day.
  • Personalized student feedback -  Provide specific page to page feedback on ongoing stories. Students will be able to review, make changes, and resolve that feedback directly within the authoring tool.
  • Beautiful classroom library - Classroom libraries not only showcase your students' published stories but also include class highlights and class awards. Check it out! 

Below is an example...

I highly recommend checking out Elementari by clicking here!!!

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