Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Buncee for Thanksgiving

Buncee easily one of my favorite Web 2.0 sites for education has just released a nice collection of presentations for "Fall Projects".  Buncee's are beautiful looking presentations, greetings, eCards, posters, or pretty much anything that can be put on a digital canvas.  Through their educational portal, educators can create, manage, and assess student projects in real-time.  Best of all everything is done in a safe environment and there lots of educational resources and lessons to be found on Buncee's website.  These projects are being use to flip a classroom, differentiate instruction, project based learning, and much much more.

I highly recommend checking out Buncee's Fall Projects in their "Ideas Lab" by clicking here!!!

Below is an example...

*Buncee is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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