Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Writing Bee is Back!

The Writing Bee is Back!
Teachers can now conduct their own classroom Qualifying Sessions

The folks at BoomWriter are at it again. It’s their fourth year conducting The Writing Bee, and this year they’ve structured the event so any teacher with students in Grades 4-6 can easily conduct their own classroom Qualifying session. Top performers from each class automatically qualify for The Writing Bee Finals and a chance to become The 2020 Writing Bee Champion! 

The format is fun and engaging for students, and extremely easy for teachers to manage. Here’s how it works:
- Teachers first register on then create and start their Writing Bee.
- Students go to BoomWriter to read The Writing Bee’s original story start (Chapter 1).
- Students independently write their version of Chapter 2.
- Students read the anonymous submissions of their classmates and vote for their favorite/s.
- The winning submission becomes Chapter 2, and the process repeats for Chapter 3 (the conclusion).
- The chapter winners advance to The Writing Bee Finals and compete with students from around the world for The Writing Bee Championship!

The Writing Bee can integrate with the existing curriculum and can take part during or beyond the school day. Plus, they can be completed in just 1-2 weeks. 

Best of all, your class story will be published and all families have the option to purchase a personalized copy of the book with the child’s name prominently displayed on the front cover and final chapter inserted as an alternate ending. 

Teachers are not responsible for any aspect of The Writing Bee Finals. However, all students who participate in a Writing Bee Qualifier will be invited to read and cast votes throughout The Finals to help determine The 2020 Writing Bee Champion!

Don’t delay, though, Writing Bee Qualifying sessions must be completed by March 31st. Go to to register and start your classroom Writing Bee today!

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