Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Top 10 Sites for creating a Digital Portfolio

With the end of the school year coming and schools being closed due to the pandemic a digital portfolio is a great way for students and educators to showcase their work.  These tools will make it students and teachers to show parents what academic projects they've been working on throughout the school year.

*This list is in alphabetical order.

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Digital Portfolio

  1. bulb - One of the best and most popular educational sites around to create and showcase stunning digital portfolios.
  2. ClassDojo Portfolios - The widely used student/positive reinforcement platform has an excellent feature for students to create student-led digital portfolios.
  3. FreshGrade - An excellent all-in-one site for educators to create: lessons, grading, and even portfolios.
  4. Google Sites - Lots of districts/schools are using Google Sites to have students create digital portfolios and control who can/can't see them.
  5. KudosWall - A wonderful free easy-to-use site that lets students create digital portfolios w/ audio, video, and images.
  6. PortfolioGen - A very modern looking site to create professional looking digital portfolio w/ lots of features, such as uploading a document, video, or more.
  7. Seesaw- A very popular educational tool that educators are using for assessing, differentiating instruction, and easily creating digital portfolios.
  8. Showcase - A innovative site for students to create digital portfolios that contains only items they want others to see w/ lots of control features.
  9. Sway - An educational app created by Microsoft that is ideal for creating: presentations, newsletters, and digital portfolios.
  10. Weebly for Education - Weebly is a site that has been around for while that is great for created student/classroom websites and blogs.  Also, Weebly can be used to create multimedia styled digital portfolios.

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