Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Top 20 Sites for Creating a Quiz

There is an abundance of online tools that allows teachers to create a test or quiz.  Not only does this help teachers easily assess students but differentiate instruction as well.  This is especially useful considering schools are closed right now during the pandemic and remote learning is in effect.

*This list is in alphabetical order

Top 20 Sites for Creating a Quiz
  1. Answer Pad - A great student response system where educators can quiz students to assess student learning in real-time.
  2. ClassMarker - Another nice site for creating embeddable quizzes, similar to ProProfs. The paid version opens up a lot more options for the users.
  3. EasyTestMaker - EasyTestMaker provides tools to generate a wide assortment of tests. The site gives you the ability to divide tests into sections and insert instructions.
  4. Gimkit - A wonderful game based learning solution where educators can create quizzes for students.  This is a great tool for Remote Learning and Self Paced Learning too.
  5. Google Docs (forms) - An ideal way for teachers to create tests/quizzes and then embed them into their site for students to take. Also, very user friendly and instant reporting!!!
  6. GoToQuiz - A very simple site for creating a quiz that generates a unique URL for others to take.
  7. involve.me - One of my favorite sites around for easily creating online quizzes w/ lots of features such as adding images and timers. 
  8. Kahoot - One of the most popular sites around to "gamify" a classroom and create fun educational quizzes for the whole class to take as a group.
  9. Otus - A innovative all-in-one mobile learning solution where teachers can create quizzes to assess student's learning and differentiate instruction.
  10. ProProfs - A bit more robust then the other sites but still nice for creating quizzes. The paid version offers up more features such as student tracking, privacy settings, etc etc.
  11. Quibblo - A fun/easy site for creating quizzes in a social networking environment. Quizzes can be rated, shared w/ others, and even embedded into a site.
  12. Quiz Game Master - A nice little site where users can create quizzes and turn them into online games.
  13. Quizizz - A fantastic site for creating multiplayer quizzes where educators get results in real-time.
  14. Quizlet - An excellent and very popular site for students wanting to learn a wide variety subjects through the use of study guides, flashcards, and taking practice tests.
  15. Quizpedia - An interesting site/app where the student creates the quiz to take control of their learning.
  16. QuizSlides - A nice site for creating a quiz from PowerPoint slides and importing results into a spreadsheet.
  17. QuizStar - Create classes w/ students to take online quizzes.
  18. Super Teacher Worksheets - An amazing place where educators can find worksheets, printables, and generators for quizzes, for a wide range of subjects.
  19. Testmoz - A great site for creating quizzes w/ 4 question types. Also, this site is very user friendly and is taken by generating a unique URL.
  20. Triventy - A wonderful site for creating collaborative quizzes.

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