Friday, November 27, 2009

Personal Learning Networks

Recently, I did a special guest post on Buffy Hamilton's amazing blog regarding Personal Learning Networks. While I didn't want to rehash all of that here, I did want to share who some of my vital members were for those looking to start their own PLN.

I like to think of these people as more then just a social network but almost like my "online family". I owe so much to each and every one of them as they have provided unlimited resources/support while never asking for anything in return. This list is in random order and just a few of the names of the many that I'd like to include.

  • Buffy J Hamilton - Librarian of the future, her resume speaks for herself. A wonderful person who is an asset to any PLN.
  • Amber Rowland - created her own Ning network, excellent dancer (don't ask ;-), among other accolades.
  • Ozge Karaoglu - creator of the best wiki/Glog I have ever seen. If anyone ever needed assistance creating a digital portfolio, I would start here.
  • Alexandra Fransisco - a great person who is taking a unique approach to blogging on things Web 2.0 (a blog in a foreign language).
  • Larry Ferlazzo - is the biggest reason I am blogging today. His excellent resources, books, and overall kind nature are second to none.
  • Richard Byrne - probably the most famous of all the resource sharing blogs out there and an excellent resource.
  • Naomi Harm - one of the nicest and most successful educators I have ever met. She has done so much for me and technology that it's hard to even fathom.
  • Bob Furst - my old tech director who is now doing consulting and teaching cutting edge online courses.
  • Jennifer Cuellar - a 3rd grade teacher who fuses technology into education seemlessly.
  • Marama Stewart - a kind resource sharing teacher who is always there to help.
  • Ana Maria Menezes - one of the best 21st Century blogs around.
  • Kevin Honeycutt - nuff said
  • Tim Holt - creator of Vidsnacks
  • Jennifer Dorman - known as Cliotech, has done so much for technology and now working for Discovery Education.
  • Teryl Magee - Brain Pop consultant, tech extraordinaire.
  • Shelly Terrell - a very special person who goes out of her way to help out whoever is in need (she has done so much for me). Uncanny ability in the latest of technology, mind maps, twitter, etc.


  1. Thanks for sharing your PLN. It is interesting to see the names of these folks who have made an impact on so many of us. I am equally amazed at how these people are so accessible to the members of their PLN despite having so many followers! They definitely ensure that the P in PLN continues to stand for personal.

    Thanks for all that you have shared. Great wiki last week! Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!

    I have many of the same people on my PLN.

    You are also on it - RSS feeds of your blog.

    I'd love you to follow my blog too:

    (I got started blogging because of Richard Byrne)

  3. Dave, I also have subscribed to your RSS feed and look to see if I can be a follower as well. Thanks for your feedback!!


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