Monday, February 8, 2010

Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier

I had the great pleasure of catching an excellent special on PBS on technology and how it influences our lives. It is presented in a smooth and fluid format w/ a history of technology and how it has evolved over the years.

What made this program so intriguing as how it covered both sides of a situation. For example, multi-tasking is a theme brought up and how it is so prevalent in today's society. Schools are going one to one, mobile devices are more and more common, and kids today are born as digital natives. The way people get their information is drastically different then how they did 20 years ago. I like how this documentary covered both the good and the bad of technology. While some studies show that students in a one to one situation do better on test scores. It also shows that people aren't necessarily able to learn/retain information better when multi-tasking.

It's a very interesting topic of conversation. Are students that have a laptop in school able to learn better? Well, I think the answer is yes and no, that it depends on the individual. Yes, students can get to information easier but they will also have more distraction w/ a device that can get online. However, that being said I do think that this is the wave of the future, and more and more one to one environments will be happening.

This program also focused on using technology as a marketing tool for the military as well as how some people have become anti-social as addicted to online gaming.

I highly recommend any person who is interested in technology and it's impact on society to check this out...

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