Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 10 Digital Book Creators

Creating digital books has inadvertently become a hobby of mine, so I've decided to compile a list of the top ten digital book creators:

  1. Mixbook - far away the best site for creating a digital book to either share w/ others or order for a hard copy. Also, educators can create student accounts for better management.
  2. Bookrix - one of the best sites for advertising your digital book, very user friendly, and a nice social environment.
  3. Panraven - a nice site for creating, sharing, and purchasing your digital book.
  4. Bookbuilder - nice educational site for creating digital books, user account must be created.
  5. PDF Flash - upload a PDF to create a nice looking flash-based digital book.
  6. My Publisher - free software which allows user to create fancy looking photo/digital books.
  7. Tabblo - create a user account to make digital books w/ photos.
  8. Smilebooks - create beautiful looking storybooks w/ either online/download software.
  9. Blurb - great site for making photo books to order.
  10. LuLu - create real/ebooks w/ this nice looking site.

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