Thursday, May 20, 2010

Education Eye

Education Eye is an interesting new (beta) site that I had the pleasure of exploring due to a tip from one of my readers (Rei). This is a very unique site that is a cross between a brainstorming app and search engine.

The interface is in a interactive "cloud" that is surrounded by a wheel. In the cloud are the search results that can be clicked on to read an article. The wheel can be clicked on to adjust the number of search results. Also, a person can use EE as a search engine by typing in a term and finding results on that. I recommend typing in your name to see what happens.

Finally, there is a color coded key which shows what type of result is what. I would love to find out if these articles can have multimedia content displayed such as audio/video.

Below is the result of a search on the term, web 2.0.

I highly recommend checking out Education Eye by clicking here!!

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