Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 10 Sites for Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is the practice of telling stories w/ computer tools. Wikipedia explains teachers use digital storytelling for several reasons such as,"1) to incorporate multimedia into their curriculum and 2) Teachers can also introduce storytelling in combination with social networking in order to increase global participation, collaboration, and communication skills. Moreover, digital storytelling is a way to incorporate and teach the twenty-first century student the twenty-first century technology skills such as information literacy, visual literacy, global awareness, communication and technology literacy."

Top 10 sites for Digital Storytelling
  1. Digital Films - Quite simply one of the best digital storytelling sites around. This site is very user friendly w/ an iMovie HD feel and great for beginners!!
  2. Myths & Legends - Excellent site for storytelling, can add characters, backgrounds, objects, etc. and great for education w/ an educational instance/portal.
  3. Xtranormal - Very popular/fun site for digital storytelling. A very easy to use site where text is all that is needed to create an original story.
  4. My StoryMaker - Great site for young readers to create a cartoon looking story.
  5. Storybird - An excellent site for creating pictures books for storytelling.
  6. Primary Access - Is a wonderful site for creating digital stories using historical stock footage.
  7. Google Search Stories - A very easy site to use by selecting stock video/audio to create a digital story.
  8. Zimmer Twins - A fun site where users select cartoon footage to create their very own digital story.
  9. Zooburst - Is a brand new site for creating 3D/pop-up stories. A user can either upload their own image or use stock photos. Hopefully, audio/video integration will be coming soon!
  10. Stage'D - A very impressive visual site where users choose their characters, backgrounds, and items to create their very own computer generated story.


  1. Great post! A couple thoughts:
    - For schools, Xtranormal might not be the best if the 'Watch Movies' gallery is unblocked. Click the 'Tiger Woods' video to see what I mean...
    - I've really fell in love with Storyjumper.com recently - great online storybook creator and free Classroom Edition

  2. Danny thanks for your comment and you're right Story Jumper is a great site. It totally skipped my mind and I should've put that in instead of Storybird.

  3. Surprised LittleBirdTales.com didn't make the list. Teachers and students love it! Kids can create digital stories narrated with their voice and personalize with pictures they draw on line or import.


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