Thursday, December 9, 2010


Recently, I received an email promoting a new kind of search engine called Hitsplitter. After giving it a try, I decided to post verbatim about this interesting site.

Hitsplitter is a tool for comparative search, based on Google.

With Hitsplitter, you can find where people write about brands, products, persons or any keyword.
The tool scans sets of websites like the Top 50 US blogs or the top 20 Wikipedia domains. User can also define their own sets of sites to scan.

Economists can use to see where people around the world write about inflation. Linguists can use Hitsplitter to see which newspapers write ‘insurgents’ and which prefer ‘terrorists’.
Journalists can use Hitsplitter to see who writes about the iPhone.

The free tool runs up to 250 searches simultaneously, for example to compare 10 keywords across 25 websites.

In 2011, Hitsplitter will offer a subscription service that offers more searches and automated monitoring.

Give Hitsplitter a try by clicking here!!

Below is a demo video of Hitsplitter in action...

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