Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube w/out a doubt is the most popular website for video on the internet. However, this site is cause for concern w/ school districts due to the inappropriateness of some of its content. For this reason YouTube is blocked in many school districts around the world (for safer ways to view YouTube videos click here).

While there are paid solutions for bringing video to the classroom such as Discovery Education Streaming or Safari Montage there are a number of free websites that provide a nice alternative as well.

Remember when dealing w/ video it's important to check the content first before viewing w/ students. Educators must abide by CIPA compliance and not all video sites are safe even when using a school district's filter.

Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube
  1. School Tube - A excellent safe place for students & teachers to share and view video.
  2. WatchKnow - A wonderful site w/ 1000's of videos for students in any number of subject organized in a clear precise way.
  3. Neo K-12 - All videos on this amazing site are a 100% safe. Also, there is a complete suite of educational tools for educators to choose from such as: quizzes, presentations, etc.
  4. Snag Learning - An interesting site that brings documentary style films to engage students in discussion and classroom participation.
  5. Qwiki - A very new (alpha) site that brings an innovative twist on video experience. While the content is still growing one can't help but notice that amount of promise that is shown here.
  6. Explore - A great site similar to Discovery Streaming for educational video. A person can either view on the web or download for their own convenience.
  7. Kids Tube - An excellent filtered site for video content for kids.
  8. Teacher Tube - An excellent site for educators to find videos for students and share in the wonderful educational online community.
  9. Vimeo - A nice very popular alternative to YouTube. I recommend using w/ a filter of some sort or view all content before introducing to students.
  10. Clip Blast - A huge collection of videos can be found on this nice site, must be used in a filtered environment for safety reasons.


  1. "Using SchoolTube to View YouTube Videos" is something I wrote several months ago and is available on Yudu here:

  2. Students can post their work and view the work of other students -- from 200 countries -- at ePals Student Media Galleries.
    It's free to view, no account needed.
    Because ePals has TRUSTe certification of child privacy, this site is allowed in 99.9% of US school districts.
    Teachers/parents can join and then give children accounts (for free). You need to have an account to upload a video or other product.
    I highly recommend the 17 one-minute videos from Senegal, made by students in a school with a dirt floor and no electricity, using one Flip camera and one laptop computer. (Teacher recharges at night at her home.)

  3. For me the best alternative is with live commenting


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