Friday, May 27, 2011

Flip Snack

Flip Snack is a new (beta) site that I just found out about from the amazing, iLearn Technology. Flip Snack is a very nice looking site that reminds me a lot of Bookrix or Mixbook. All a user has to do is upload a PDF and then choose options on how they want their flipbook created. Once the book is created it can then be shared on your favorite social network or embedded into a site. The book can also be downloaded. The only other feature I'd to see is the ability to order a hard copy of your book like you can do on Mixbook.

I highly recommend checking out Flip Snack a try by clicking here.

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  1. Watch out. As it is now any images you load to their site they then have the right to use and make money off them and you get no compensation. Not good for professional photographers.

  2. SnackTools never intended to sell anything the users upload through FlipSnack or PhotoSnack any other snack site. However, they changed their terms of service recently, to make it more clear that they don't claim ownership rights in any material that you post.


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