Monday, May 16, 2011


Zapaday is a new (alpha) site for getting news on the web. What makes Zapaday so special is it tries to bring you news of the future rather then current news. Here is a quote straight from their founder...

Stefan Hoevenaar, founder of Zapaday: "The internet makes most news old news, instantly. Journalism is now finding new roles, focusing on background stories, opinions and news previews. An open news agenda supports that change. We believe news agendas should be open and free."

The way this is done is by Zapaday bots that scan the internet for news on over 4000 sites. Then the content is created by "us" the users. Actual, this is kinda like a giant wiki that people can edit and share by way of creating calendars and other type of news events.

I highly recommend checking out Zapaday by clicking here!!

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