Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Video Chat

Being able to create a video chat in the classroom is a crucial component of global learning. Not only does this technique engage the audience more then just a standard chat, but it strengthens technology literacy in a visual way. While there are paid solutions for a much broader/corporate like audiences there are also smaller free ones that work just as well in an educational type setting.

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Video Chat
  1. Skype in the Classroom - Designed specifically for education this site brings teachers, projects and resources together from all around the world. Also, this is a free site designed for video conferencing and global learning.
  2. FaceFlow - FF is a wonderful site for creating a free room the allows not only video chatting but texting too. Up to 4 people can video chat at the same time via a unique URL that is generated.
  3. Caffein - A very user friendly site to use that allows for video chatting. Also, these rooms are private but can be shared w/ social networks to allow for others to join.
  4. Google+ - Still very new in release, Google Hangouts is one of the standout features on this amazing new social networks. Hangouts allows up to 10 people to video chat at once w/ YouTube integration. Also, there is a handy group text feature that is incorporated as well.
  5. iMeet - While not a free site to use, iMeet is one the most visually stunning video chat site around that allows up to 15 users at once.
  6. BoostCam - A nice fun site to use to create a simple two way video chat. All a user has to do is click, start chat now, and then share the unique URL that is generated.
  7. Wetoku - Similar to uStream, this amazing site allows for users to create video interviews and then record them and sync them up to play in the same window.
  8. Tinychat - A great site that allows, video, audio, and text chat. Also, integrates nicely w/ social networks and has a decent acceptable use policy.
  9. ooVoo - An excellent site similar to iMeet that allows up to 6 way video chat. Also, there is a very nice user interface w/ the ability to not only chat but share files as well. A user can also save video chats and send them as messages. While there is a free user base more features are available through different payment plans.
  10. iVideoChat - A simple chat service to use but w/ lack of features for the free version may not be the best option for education.


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