Friday, July 15, 2011


Konivo is a new site that is great for making slideshows. What it actually does is allow you to upload a powerpoint then record a video of you talking about that slide. It then syncs it all together to share w/ others. This is a great site for making a Pecha Kucha presentation.

Give Knovio a try by clicking here.

Thanks to Richard Byrne's blog for the tip!!
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  1. We agree about the Pecha Kucha idea with Knovio. In fact, we thought of putting a Pecha Kucha mode into Knovio -- uploads 20 slides and synchronizes them in at precisely 20 second intervals.

    You could make and publish/share a PK in about 8 minutes, start to finish! How would that be?

    Michael Kolowich
    Team Knovio

  2. We've just added new features to Knovio (still free), like re-editing, sharing, commenting, and more.

    Knovio – just released publicly this week – makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create, edit, and share online video presentations in minutes. Here’s a link to the press release:

    It’s free to use – all you need is a PowerPoint deck, webcam, and Internet.

    Check it out at

    I hope you'll give Knovio a spin, and share your impressions.


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