Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 10 Sites for Online Tutoring and Teaching

Over the last few years online tutoring sites have really boosted in popularity. The reason for this is people just don't have the time or the money to spend at an actually tutoring center. Online Tutoring is an ideal solution as it can be done at home on a computer or mobile device and is usually a much cheaper alternative. Also, online tutoring/teaching is a nice way for educators to earn some extra money doing what they love to from the comfort of their own home and setting their own schedule. Plus, students should love the ability to view and choose courses that work for them.

Top 10 Sites for Online Tutoring & Teaching
  1. WizIQ - Probably one of the most popular online sites for teaching/tutoring. There are different pricing plans available for students who take classes in a private virtual classroom.
  2. Much Enough - A wonderful site for educators to teach any subject online (via webcam) and charge what they want. Also, they create their schedule and have the ability to promote their classes too.
  3. Learningfy - A great place for one on one tutoring via a webcam that starts out w/ a $5 trial to assess the teacher and student.
  4. Buddy School - A excellent site for tutoring online w/ the ability to promote your classes and increase your teacher score (rating by students).
  5. Tutor Hub - A community where students can find answer to their questions or find an online tutor who sets their own rates.
  6. Live Mind - A nice place to teach online where a educators sets their own rate and schedule. Live Mind has a nice user interface and handles all the incidentals (billing, payment, customr support, etc.).
  7. Sophia - A new site w/ a very innovative/polished look where educators can share what they know via different teaching strategies (ie, blended instruction, flipped classroom).
  8. Happy Tutors - Is a free place where tutors and students can go to find what they're looking for. Also, tutors can pay a fee for extra exposure on Happy Tutors.
  9. - One of the best and most popular places to go for online tutoring. Students can not only get help w/ any subject but homework as well. Also, there are nice mobility features as well.
  10. Tutor Vista - A very popular site where students work in a one on one secure environment on an interactive whiteboard.


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  4. Great post but needs updating. is an online tutoring marketplace (I'm a German and Italian tutor there!). Lots of great content on there.

  5. There are other good websites as well like

  6. I like some of these, but prefer
    - all their tutors are in the US!

  7. I feel like this list was limited to some of the bigger names, when medium-sized companies that focus on the quality of their tutors and not supporting a tutor job site, were left off. should be ranked here - School Tutoring

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  12. @ Dkapuler

    A teacher can't be a teacher if he/she isn't a learner. "Online tutoring Learning" is proportional to growing in professional world. Therefore a teacher who want to grow needs to learn.


  13. Online tutorials and teaching are really helpful for understanding any topic. Seriously I am a manager in an institute and always take from sites like WizIQ and Much Enough and so many.


  14. What about TutorMe? They have an awesome online tutoring platform:

  15. I would add Tutors-Live ( No registration fees, no commissions, hundreds of subjects, multi-language, world-wide, more than 10,000 independent tutors.

  16. definitely! Tutors set their own prices. The website will even source tutors for you for specific subjects and they'll even integrate the system into your own website if you're a tutoring company of university/college! Contact for help

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