Wednesday, September 21, 2011

YouTube Teachers

YouTube Teachers is a site I found out about from a promotional email. This is a site that is geared to help teachers use educational videos in the classroom. Also, it shows teachers how to record themselves and implement video that way.

Straight from their site (

Top 10 Ways to use YouTube in the Classroom
  1. Spark Lively Discussions - Engage students by showing a video relevant to their lives.
  2. Organization - Create playlist to help guide students through their viewing process of educational videos.
  3. Archive your Work - Engage students by showing a video relevant to their lives.
  4. Allow Students to Dig Deeper into a Subject - Allow students to create a playlist to better dissect a subject.
  5. Get struggling students up to speed, and push strong students ahead - Students can use YouTube at home to learn at their own speed.
  6. Review for Upcoming Exams - Turn test review and flashcards into easy-to-watch videos. This way students can hear your explanations as they study.
  7. Create a YouTube Center in your Classroom - When working in stations or centers, have students use your YouTube channel to complete an assignment, freeing you up to work with small groups of students.
  8. Create quizzes to accompany videos for instant feedback - Create a Google Form that students complete after watching a video.You can use this quiz to get instant feedback on what they're learning.
  9. Create Interactive Video Quests - Use YouTube Annotations to create "Choose Your Own Adventure" style video quests.
  10. Flip your Classroom - If your students watch a video of the basic concepts at home you can focus in class on applying those concepts, working collaboratively with their classmates rather than simply listening to you lecture.
I highly highly recommend checking out YouTube for Teachers by clicking here!!!

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