Friday, January 6, 2012

DimensionU: A Closer Look

DimensionU is a site I blogged about last month and was really excited about the potential that I saw.  After collaborating w/ them I've decided to get an in depth look at what all this exciting site has to offer.
At first glance one might think DimensionU is nothing more then just a gaming site.  However, this is nothing father from the truth.  DimensionU combines a top of the line 3D gaming environment w/ an abundance of educational content that makes learning immersive and fun.

DimensionU focuses on interactive educational games that cover areas such as math.  These topics can be integrated into any curriculum by customizing what skill set an educator wants to focus on, while aligning to state standards.  These games are for students through all grade levels (K-12).  Also, these games are not only available for home use via download/web but available for the school institution as well.  DU has worked w/ school districts (70+) all over the US for the last four years.

Finally, DimensionU offers a free 30 Day trial that allows users to try out just how fascinating DU really is.  These games can be downloaded for home use or played online as well.  Keep in mind the demo version of these games do not contain all of the curriculum data.

Now lets take a look at some of these games and their features to see where DimensionU really shines...

  • Educational Allowance - is a unique feature to DimensionU and is a great reward system to encourage students to play.  While students don't have to use the "allowance" system it is a real-time system that is played by completing a weekly challenge (rewards are pledged by their parent/guardian).
  • Single or Multiplayer - these games are available to play as a single player or against other players from your class or around the world.
  • Tournaments - are available for educators to setup and enter their class
  • 3D Environment - Some games take place in a 3D virtual world that resembles the finest online virtual games around.
  • Power Ups - Any game lover will love these extras to help build their character and compete in their virtual games
  • Game Report - There is a game report generated after a game that shows a users score w/ the number of questions answered correct and wrong.
  • Scores - can be shared w/ others via their social networks or online leader boards.
  • Q & A - is a answer log that shows the question w/ the wrong and right answer selected.
  • Online Tutor - Probably one of my favorite features as it shows examples of problems and how to solve them in all curriculum areas.
I highly recommend checking out DimensionU by clicking here, and see how it can best work for you!!

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