Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Chart or Graph

Charts and Graphs are an effective tool when trying to convey information in a simple and visual way. Also, it is a great way to track trends and help explain complex datasets. This is something that has been used in the business world and education on a everyday basis.  With that, I decided to list my top favorite sites for creating a chart or graph.

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Chart or Graph

  1. Rich Chart Live - An excellent site for created animated flash based charts that can be embedded into a site.  Also, a user has the ability to add links to a chart.
  2. iCharts - Is a wonderful site/network for creating charts that you can embed into a site.  Also, a user can share charts on social networking sites and browse/save other iCharts from the web.
  3. Chartle - A great site for creating online interactive charts.  What makes Chartle so unique and impressive is the ability to create more then your standard graphs such as: venn diagrams, maps, gauges, etc.
  4. Hohli - A very user friendly site to use that is similar to Chartle.  A user can create a variety of different types of charts such as: pie, scatter plots, and radar, then embed them into a site.
  5. Lucid Chart - A nice site for creating a variety of different charts and diagrams.  Also, it is a very easy site to use w/ a drag-n-drop interface.  Best of all, Lucid Chart has an educational portal which allows chart creation free for education.
  6. ChartGo - ChartGo is a neat site for creating charts that's very easy to use.  All a user has to do is fill out the pre-determined sets of data and select the type of chart they want to create.
  7. Pretty Graph - A simple site to use to make a wide variety of graphs, such as: line charts, histograms , and more.  Also, a user can embed into a site, share w/ others users via email, or save as template.
  8. Diagramly - A cool site for creating diagrams, flow charts, and more that is similar to Lucid Chart. Users of Inspiration should feel right at home w/ this online tool as there are plenty of shapes and clip art to choose from.
  9. Cacoo - A great site for creating online charts and diagrams.  A great feature is the ability to collaborate w/ others in real-time while creating a chart via a chat.
  10. Lovely Charts - A easy site to use to make very nice looking/polished charts.  While not free, there are three paid versions to choose from, such as: iPad, online, or desktop.
Bonus - Useful Charts - While not a chart creation tool, this site has some of the best looking charts for every subject.  Also, laminated charts can be ordered for the classroom.

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