Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kubbu is a site I reviewed around 3 yrs ago (click here) that I decided to revisit, and am very glad that I did.  This is a site for online teaching that a teacher can sign up for free and create student accounts w/out needing an email address.  This is ideal for CIPA/COPPA compliance where teachers can monitor everything students are doing and where students don't need an email address to sign up.

A teacher can create up to 30 student accounts and store 15 online activities at a time.  These activities could be quizzes, crosswords, games, etc and a teacher can view and analyze their results at any time.  Also, Kubbu has wonderful resources and shared activities that teachers can search through as well as lots of screen shots to view.

I highly recommend checking out Kubbu by clicking here!!!

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