Wednesday, June 13, 2012


SpellingCity is a wonderful site that I've covered in the past.  This is an excellent site for creating Vocabulary/Spelling lists and then embedding them into educational games.  Also, there are lots of resources for educators to enjoy such as worksheets, printables, videos, and more.  Another very nice feature is the ability to print out games or send home parent letters of word lists.

I highly recommend checking out SpellingCity by clicking here!!!

*SpellingCity is a paid advertiser of Technology Tidbits.


  1. Try it's a little different in that is goes around the user's proficency and gives visual results. It also has spelling and vocabulary word lists with 40 weekly lessons for each grade in both spelling and vocabulary subjects.

  2. I have been using for 3 years now. This past year I decided to try the premium version and was not disappointed. Some of my favorite activities include:
    Word Search
    Handwriting Worksheets
    Or you can check out my Blog


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