Monday, July 30, 2012

SpellingCity iOS App

SpellingCity has just released a free iOS app that goes hand in hand w/ their educational website.  This app allows students to play 7 of SC's most popular games.  Also, these games can incorporate vocab and word lists from their teachers/parents (members) of SpellingCity.  This is a great mobile tool to increase vocab and spelling w/ the ability to integrate word lists from SpellingCity's website.

I highly recommend checking out SpellingCity by clicking here!!!


  1. VocabularySpellingCity is the best! We used it 4 three years at school and at home. Love it.

    My favorite games:

  2. I have used for three years now. It is easily one of my favorite resources I use in my classroom. For the first time this year, I have access to a few iPads so this comes at a perfect time for me! If you aren't using VocabularySpellingCity I would highly recommend it.


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