Tuesday, March 26, 2013


BoomWriter is one of my all time favorite Web 2.0 sites for education.  This is a fantastic site for Educators grades 3rd-8th (on up) to use w/ their students for Reading and Writing.  With BoomWriter teachers can create student accounts (no student email required - ideal for CIPA/COPPA compliance) and then have their class create a digital story/book.  This is all done through a very easy to use interface and fun competitive process.

The way this works is that students create a story chapter by chapter (they can choose to build a story off a original story starter too) online in BoomWriter's safe environment.  Once a chapter is completed, the students then vote on which chapter should be included in the finished product.  This process goes on and on until the story is completed.  Once a story/book is finished it then gets published online and an actual copy be ordered.  Right now, each new teacher that signs up receives one free class copy!!!

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However, BoomWriter also offers a "Technology Heroes Program" which is a great way to incorporate technology into the curriculum.  This program allows every educator and student who participate to receive a free published copy of their story/book (no shipping charges).

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*BoomWriter is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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