Saturday, March 30, 2013


Storyplanet is an innovative new (beta) site for creating a digital story.  The way this works is quite unique compared to other sites as it builds a story based on a "grid" system.  A user starts out by adding tiles (a tile represents a static page) on a grid in any design they see fit.  For example, if a tile is placed next to an existing tile, a user would have to click on the left/right arrow to move to the next one.  If a tile is placed above or below, they would have to click the up/down arrow to move, etc.  A tile represents a "web page" that can contain any type of media content, such as: text, audio, video, etc.  This process goes on and on until a story is completed.  A finished story can then be embedded into a site/blog for sharing.

I highly recommend checking out Storyplanet by clicking here!!!

Below is an embedded example of a Storyplanet tutorial...

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