Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grid Lines: Ordered Pair Game

Grid Lines: Ordered Pair Game is the latest educational iOS Math game by Math File Folder Games.  Anyone familiar w/ these games will realize how simple it is to use and how easy it is to integrate into a curriculum.

Grid Lines focuses on plotting points on a grid.  This works similar to the board game Battleship but instead of trying to sink/hit ships a person is trying to plot points to draw a line through a shape.  The way this works is by rolling dice (similar to other MFFG games) and then using the numbers to plot two points on a gird.  Once the points are plotted a line is then drawn w/ the goal of trying to hit 1 or more shapes.

Best of all, this game is interactive and can be played by students across two different mobile devices using bluetooth to sync up.  Also, progress reports can be sent to parents or teachers via email.

I highly recommend checking out this innovative game by clicking here!!!

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  1. So how do we get this game?

    I cannot seem to find it.

    It is only for iOS, not Android, Windows 8 Mobile, other?

    What is the Apple URL to get this game?

  2. Hey I can answer that question. It is only for iOS so far and you can download it here:


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