Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World of Classcraft

World of Classcraft is an ambitious Kickstarter project by Shawn Young.  A Kickstarter is a way for companies to find funding from donations of others in a limited amount of time.  I really like these as it helps get some excellent startup companies noticed.

World of Classcraft is an innovative idea of bringing the mega-popular online role-playing game into the classroom.  The way this work is students would pick a character from one of three classes: mage, warrior, healer.  The students then progress through real-life situations and helping out others/collaborating to gain experience points.  From this they can gain rewards, level up, etc.  Bad behavior or doing bad on homework or tests can result in loss of experience/health points, and the player can even die (ie, Saturday detention).

For more information on World of Classcraft click here!!

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