Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words

Speech Therapy for Apraxia is a Special Ed iPad app for helping children/adults w/ speech problems such as Apraxia.  This is a beautifully designed easy to use app which is to be used w/ Parents and Speech Therapist to help children develop their speech.  This is done by selecting different word groups and patterns and listening to the words and sounding them out.  As a user proceeds they progress through 9 different levels motor/speech articulation or they can choose what level they want to work.  Best of all their is progress tracking w/ detailed instructions on how best to use this app.

I highly recommend checking out Speech Therapy for Apraxia by clicking here!!!

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  1. 'Speech Therapy for Apraxia' is really nice app for children and adults. I also will try to use this app on my smartphone.


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