Monday, August 12, 2013

FluencyFinder V 2.0

FluencyFinder, the iOS app for assessing reading fluency assessments, has just released Version 2.0, with two great new features.  This fantastic tool now allows users to share student results with other educators or parents via email.  Best of all, each reading passage now has a set of comprehension questions that allows educators to conduct one-step reading assessments for both reading fluency and comprehension at the same time!!!

Also, there are lots of future updates coming soon, such as...
  • Updated and reformatted reading passages, PLUS a complete “Passage Snapshot” list for quicker access and passage comparison
  • 32 brand new passages from great literary classics for grades 1-8 reading levels – adding even more choices and variety to your fluency assessments throughout the year
  • FluencyFinder 1.0 for Android users
FluencyFinder is the ultimate teaching tool that has helped educators all over the world spend less time testing and more time teaching!!!

I highly recommend checking out FluencyFinder by clicking here!!!

*FluencyFinder is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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