Monday, May 26, 2014

30hands V. 1.6

30hands the wonderful free iOS app for digital storytelling has just released a big update version 1.6. 30hands is well known in education for creating a easy to use mobile app for creating digital stories w/ the ability to import text and photos, as well as recording your own voice to add narration.

Here is more info regarding their latest update...

We also added 3 In-App purchases (99 cents each), which are very cool:
  • Dropbox integration: adding slides from Dropbox, exporting projects to Dropbox and publishing final videos to Dropbo
  • Video Clips: creating and importing video clips as slides
  •  High Resolution Publishing: standard is at 640x480, and you can purchase 1024x768 for better quality output videos

Dropbox integration is a great time-saver, sharing tool and backup area.
Adding slides from Dropbox allows users to easily access images that were saved from PowerPoint and other sources.
Publishing the presentation videos to Dropbox is a great way to get the videos to other places to share. 
Exporting projects to Dropbox is an easy way to back them up and share them between users and devices.

Video Clips that are added as slides can spice up a presentation. They are limited to 21 seconds. 

High Resolution Publishing is great for slides that have smaller words or details, especially when they are going to be zoomed larger for projection.

We are currently working on Google Drive Integration, which we will release as an In-App purchase. 
We have a list of Free and Premium features that we plan on releasing to continue creating an even better product.

For schools and districts who want the premium functionality but do not want to buy using In-App purchases, we are planning to release a Paid Version that will include all In-App features. Schools and districts that are interested should contact us at or 781-982-9555, so we can work out a plan for this.

I highly recommend checking out 30hands by clicking here!!!

For my Pinterest board on Digital Storytelling click here.

*30hands Learning is a advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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