Thursday, May 1, 2014

Alchemy SmartBinder

Alchemy SmarBinder is an excellent tool for educators to create engaging dynamic lessons for students.  SmartBinder Flip is their free "plan" that allows teachers to create these interactive lessons (that contains all embedded/downloadable material) plus generate basic reports for assessing.  Recently, they just released their premium suite which consists of: SmartBinder Collaborate, SmartBinder Teams, and SmartBinder Engage.

More info from them...

SmartBinder Collaborate expands the lesson building, delivery, and data-capture capabilities of our first product, SmartBinder Flip, in two key ways:
  • Full Curricular Structure: Teachers can build an unlimited number of courses that are replete with curricular structure, including units and date tagging.
  • Teacher Collaboration: It allows real-time peer collaboration on the same course, as  facilitated by simple email invitation.
  • Resource Sharing: Now teachers, including SmartBinder Flip users, can share and import lessons right from their course page.
SmartBinder Teams comes with every SmartBinder Collaborate account and allows teachers and schools to set up dynamic and interactive curriculum repositories to that ensure community access to standards-aligned lessons and resources over time.  Its features include:
  • One-click sharing of any lesson in a teacher’s "binder" to one or more Team repositories.
  • One-click importing of lessons or material from Teams to a teacher’s binder.
  • Teacher discussion boards to facilitate dialogue on curricular practices.

SmartBinder Engage adds student portals logins and additional assessment tools onto the SmartBinder Collaborate + Teams Suite:

  • Students log-ins provide access to class pages and discussion boards.
  • Assessment and assignment building functionality allows teachers to build online quizzes embedding any web or file based resource and structure assignments with student-submissions.
  • The My Classroom grading management portal sits in the center of the teachers’ workflow, allowing them to manage and grade student submissions by student or by assignment.

I highly recommend checking out Alchemy SmartBinder by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo video...

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