Thursday, February 26, 2015

Storyboard That

*Just added support for Grid, T-Chart, and Frayer Models

Storyboard That is a fantastic Web 2.0 tool for digital storytelling w/ educational portal.  This portal allows for educators to create student accounts (even batch upload) and assign them to their class via a URL and unique code (i.e. ClassDojo).  Not only can and educator create, manage, adjust privacy settings, and more, they can create storyboard templates and assignments for their class.  Everything is COPPA compliant and very safe to use in an educational setting.

Storyboard That is a very easy tool to use w/ it's drag-n-drop interface and allows students to seamlessly create a storyboards by adding images, clip art, text, record narration, etc.  There is even a innovative slideshow button that turns storyboards into slideshows that easily allows for students or teachers to share their presentations up on a big screen.  A finished product can then be downloaded as a PDF, shared via a link, exported into a PPT, or embedded into a site/blog.

Best of all are the new "Teacher Guides" that are aligned to Common Core standards and contain plot diagrams, Q/A, character maps, and much much more.  Educators are using these for project based learning, digital storytelling, and in a number of different ways to assess student's learning on a project or story.

I highly recommend checking out Storyboard That by clicking here!!!

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*Storyboard That is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.


  1. Thank you for the description of Storyboard That. I teach a first-grade class, and use digital storytelling as a method to enhance instruction.

    Puppet Pals is a great resource to use for digital storytelling as well. In this application, students can set up a theme and choose characters. I used this to teach fictional story elements and guided my students through the project with much success.

    Another great tool for digital storytelling is iMovie. With much teacher guidance, my students created amazing stories about a chosen informational book. They were able to take pictures of the book and import their pictures into the movie. The students were very engaged throughout the whole process.

    Have you ever tried any of those tools? I will to the one you recommended. I believe this will be a wonderful tool.

  2. Other applications for digital storytelling include Thinglink, Adobe Voice, and Book Creator. These apps can be used to explore project-based learning and engage students in collaboration.


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