Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Telling Time w/ the Smurfs

Telling Time w/ the Smurfs is a super fun iOS app that helps students learning how to tell time.  The way this works is through an interactive story w/ Brainy and Papa Smurf as kids learn the foundations of telling time on an analog clock.  Also, the interactive story is a great way to work on Reading skills and practice using the hour and minute hand of a clock.

Other features include...

  • Tutorial for young learners 
  • Identify the parts of the clock 
  • Learn conversion between analog and digital clocks 
  • Differentiate the long hand from the short hand 
  • Read, count and order numbers to 59 
  • Tell time to the hour and to the minute 
  • Manipulate an analog clock in relation to a digital clock 
  • Learn the concept of time as a schedule and its relationship to daily activities
I highly recommend checking out Telling Time w/ the Smurfs by clicking here!!! 

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