Tuesday, June 23, 2015


BoomWriter is one of my favorite sites that I've posted about many times before for integrating technology into a classroom.  This innovative site is ideal for grades 3rd-8th for Reading  & Writing.  BoomWriter allows students through a collaborative process create a digital book/story chapter by chapter.

The way this works is a teacher creates a class/students (no student email is required) and then assigns them a story starter (or creates their own).  Each student then types the next chapter.  The students then vote on which chapter should be included in the book/story, and this process goes on and on until the book is completed.  Finally, once this is done their story can then be published and an actual copy of the book can be ordered.  Right now for every first time class they receive 1 free book (shipping included)!!

BoomWriter is ideal for Project Based Learning and excellent for education and abides by CIPA compliance making it a 100% safe in an enclosed environment.

For more information on BoomWriter click here.

I highly recommend checking out BoomWriter by clicking here!!!

Below is a fun video from BoomWriter...

*BoomWriter is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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