Monday, June 29, 2015


Seesaw the excellent free iOS app for students to create digital portfolio is now available for Chromebooks and Android devices.

Here are some of their great features...
  • Folders: Now you can organize student work in to folders. You can set up colored folders for subject areas or learning objectives, and choose whether students self select folders when adding items or teachers do it as part of item approval.  Folders are visible to teachers, students and parents.  You can browse work by folder across your class or for a particular student. 
  • Teacher Flags: Teachers (and co-teachers) can flag items to review later -- at a parent teacher conference, with a student, or however you'd like.  Which items have been flagged are only visible to class teachers and co-teachers.
  • PDF Documents: Now you can add PDFs to Seesaw journals. You can import PDFs from many other iOS apps (like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Google Drive, Book Creator) using the iOS share extension / open in feature. Just tap share in those apps and select Seesaw. 
  • Tag Everyone: Want to add a class photo to Seesaw journals, or send a quick note to all parents in your class?  Now you can add an item to all student journals with a single tap.
I highly recommend checking out Seesaw by clicking here!!!

*Seesaw is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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