Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sketch Nation

Sketch Nation the amazing free web tool or mobile app (iOS/Android) has just released their latest update to bring new exciting features to game creation.  Students can now create a multiplayer "platform" game in their new "Arena".  Also, users now have the ability to upload their own sound effects or music to add into a game,

Here are more details regarding Version 4.0...

"The new "Arena" (multiplayer Platformer) genre allows you to create multiplayer games to play with your friends and other Sketchers -- simply draw extra players and all the other items for a Platformer game and Voila! You have a game which you can play in real-time with other gamers. We believe this multiplayer game creation capability is the first robust tool of its kind and, as always, is available on iOS, Android and the Web.
Version 4.0 also includes the option of adding sound effects or music to games (for iOS and Web currently; Android coming soon). You can now enhance your games by recording your own sounds and music to be heard during key game actions, such as acquiring a power-up or overcoming an obstacle."
Also, new tutorials (i.e. storytelling, multi-level games) and Lesson ideas for teachers can be found here.
I highly recommend checking out Sketch Nation by clicking here!!!

Below is a demo video...

*Sketch Nation is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.

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