Monday, June 22, 2009


Collecta is a new (beta) search engine which gives you up to date information based on monitoring "LIVE" RSS feeds of various sites. This reminds me a lot of Scoopler in that sense.

This is actually very cool and has a rather unique user interface. For example, you can actually edit your search preferences similar to how you would edit a "cloud" in Search Cloud. Also, you can preview your hits before visiting the site, which is a nice feature shared by many engines.

My only "gripe" I have w/ this site is how long it takes to get your results. I'm guessing this is because it still is in beta and there is not a lot of data right now. However, when you do type in a term that is in their database, you get fast and up to date information.

Below is search on the term, "Steve Jobs"....

Give it a try by clicking here.
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