Monday, June 22, 2009


iLovePhotos is an application that is very similar to iPhoto 09 in the sense that it has face recognition. Ideally, this would be great for a Windows user who doesn't have iPhoto, but for those that are still on an earlier version, this is a must see.

First, it gives users the feel of iPhoto 09 w/out having to upgrade to it. Second, it's very easy to use and creates some nice looking slideshows similar to 09. Finally, it has a very nice tagging/grouping ability, and built in user interface w/ the Mac's Address book. This makes it very easy to organize and annotate your photos.

I highly recommend checking this out for those that are interested in face recognition software to see how easy it is to sort your photos. (I wonder how this works for pets ;-).

Below is the tutorial from their site...

Download (free) it by clicking here.

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