Monday, June 15, 2009


Obsurvey is a new (beta) site for creating online surveys. It is one of the better ones around and I would highly recommend it if it wasn't for Google Doc's, which you can do the exact same thing in. However, that being said, Obsurvey is a really nice and easy to use site which makes creating surveys/polls fun!!!

First, what separates this site from the rest is the unique "wiki" type feel to it. This makes it very easy for the average user to go ahead and get started right off the bat. Another nice feature is the ability to add a picture to your survey which I haven't seen before.

As w/ most survey creators you can generate: true/false, text, multiple-choice, etc. type questions. When you are done you can create a link to send to your users to take the survey. My one complaint is that it would be cool if you can embed your survey into your site/blog. This is one feature that makes Google Doc's such an attractive option.

All in all I think Obsurvey is a nice little site which is definitely worth a look. Give it a try by clicking here.
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  1. Thank you for the review.
    The next thing I will implement is a embed feature based on the feedback I've been getting, also in this review.
    Kind Regards,
    Allan Ebdrup, creator of obsurvey

  2. I've just released a new version of obsurvey, now with support for embedding surveys in blogs or websites


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