Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Huge Labs

Big Huge Labs is a site that's been around for awhile and very popular w/ the kids. It is where you can take picture templates w/ a piece cut out and add your very own. For example, I did a picture of the Joker holding a card and added my face to it. Needless to say BHL has been a sentimental favorite of mine for awhile and just got better.

Now, they have incorporated an "educational" portal so students can start using this great site. All a teacher has to do is a create a free account and "proof" of their profession (via upload) and they can start creating/uploading student accounts. No student email is needed. Once this is done, a student will get a unique ID & PW which they would use to login. A teacher can view/share/comment on any of their material at any time and monitor it. This reminds me a lot of Glogster and how they deal w/ their educational aspects.

I highly recommend giving Big Huge Labs a look especially w/ their new educational component by clicking here.

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