Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Storybird is a new site (beta) for creating digital storybooks. This reminds me of My Story Maker/Myths and Legends w/out the animation. For example, you can create a book w/ digital art (your own or other users) then add text at the bottom of each page just as Story Maker. However, in SB you just create a "still frame/scene" and have the story progress page by page.

One aspect which concerns me is that Storybird is not filtered. This could potentially allow students to post/view inappropriate content. While SB does have the right to view anything on their site there is no official filtering policy going on, just a typical terms of service agreement.

This is still very early beta so a lot of features are not available such as printing or embedding a finished product. Although, I highly recommend giving Storybird a look as it is very easy to use and makes some nice finished products.

Click here for more info.

How to Video on how to use Storybird...

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

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  1. I think that this storybird could be very valuable for students to use in the classroom. However, I understand your concern with students being able to view inappropriate content and post things that aren't appropriate. I had this exact problem last year with some of my students, we were using our classroom website and they were able to post whatever they wanted. I told my students that I would be checking the website frequently, if anything was not appropriate it would be deleted and they would lose their priveledges, this seemed to work well.
    I think that this storyboard would be beneficial for students learning to make videos and stories, it doesn't seem to be difficult to use, and I bet students would really get engaged in this type of digital activity.
    Thanks for the blog and idea!


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