Thursday, September 10, 2009


Faroo is a new search engine that I learned about from Free Technology For Teachers, one of the premiere blogs around. This is very similar to Scoopler in that it is a "real-time" search engine. This is done by getting up to date data and ranking it on a number system. The higher the number the more popular the item.

Other nice features that I like are the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed which then updates the user when a new news result gets posted; as well as the ability to view a thumbnail of the site before clicking on a link.

Below is a pic of a search on the term Web 2.0...

Give Faroo a try by clicking here.
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  1. Hi david,
    I'm a fan of real time search engines myself. Personally I use, but will most definitely look into Faroo and Scoopler. Thanks for sharing. :)


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