Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top 10 Safe Search Engines

The other day upon reading my email I received one from an educational list serv requesting safe search engines for students. After thinking about it and already just doing a list on Top 10 Search Engines other then Google, I was able to come up w/ a number of them that meet this very need.

However, keep in mind when dealing w/ students and surfing the internet it's important to remember that no site is really 100% safe even when dealing w/ filtered search engines. Although, when choosing to use search engines w/ students I would definitely recommend starting w/ the following sites below...

Top 10 Safe Search Engines
  1. Sweet Search - A group of experts (that includes librarians & teachers) evaluate all content from this search engine.
  2. Top Marks - A great site developed in the UK by teachers who approved everything on this site.
  3. Quintura for Kids - An innovative search engine for kids that displays results in a cloud based style. Also, has apps for mobile devices.
  4. Kid Rex - Is a wonderful search engine designed around Google's safe search. Also, it has a very nice visual appeal for kids.
  5. Ask Kids - A search engine designed for kids ages 6-12.
  6. Yahoo Kids - Previously known as Yahooligans, Yahoo Kids is a fun site for kids to gather information on the internet.
  7. Famhoo - A family friendly search engine that filters all content.
  8. One Key - Developed in 1996, One Key in collaboration w/ Google does a nice job of creating a safe search engine.
  9. Google (safe search) - Google has a nice safe search setting which can be locked into place at the browser level for those that use Firefox.
  10. Nettrekker - A great paid site for searching the web not only for students but for teachers as well.


  1. Thanks for this list! I am always looking for a safe place for my kids to search. On Google safe search of images I get sexual and nude pictures. I will try the others.

  2. Thanks for including SweetSearch, David! As you say, no search engine can be 100% safe, but what makes Sweet Search different is that we don't filter; we use a "white list," where we start from scratch and only add sites that we have specifically approved. For younger kids, try SweetSearch4Me, which only searches about 3,000 sites and super-weights those created for elementary school students.


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