Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 10 Website Creators

Having a website for a teacher is an ideal way to share information w/ parents and the community. Not only does this facilitate collaboration but it can help teachers improve their own technology proficiency. Most districts have some sort of preset application that staff uses for creating a website but for those that do not I have compiled my top sites for creating a website. Keep in mind that most website creators are free but for a fee can increase the options that they have as well as the ability to eliminate ads etc.

Top 10 Website Creators
  1. Weebly - A excellent site for creating a classroom website or blog that has a secure educational environment. Also, very easy to use (drag-n-drop) and the ability to password protect your site as well.
  2. Wix - Is a flash based website creator that a wonderful user interface that is all drag-n-drop.
  3. Google Sites - A great way to make a collaborative/group website w/ a polished look. Very user friendly and lots of nice look templates to choose from.
  4. Yola - A nice website creator w/ lots of features. However, more features can be unlocked via a paid subscription.
  5. Webs - A great site to either create a personal website or a group one as well.
  6. Moonfruit - A fun way to create a simple and elegant website that has lots of social networking integration.
  7. Webstarts - Another nice drag-n-drop site for creating websites w/ all the fixings: ability to add photos, video, audio, etc etc.
  8. Edicy - Fast and easy way to create a wonderful looking website.
  9. Jimdo - Fun and easy to use site to create a nice website w/ lots of features.
  10. Sitekreator - Mainly a paid website creator but lots of nice visuals to choose from.

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