Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 10 Sites for Creating Quizzes

There is an abundance of online tools that allows teachers to create tests & quizzes in a few simple steps. Technology has changed the way in which students are being assessed and graded. That being said, I have decided to list my favorite sites for creating quizzes that can help assist teachers in their teachings.

Top 10 Sites for Creating Tests & Quizzes

  1. Google Docs (forms) - An ideal way for teachers to create tests/quizzes and then embed them into their site for students to take. Also, very user friendly and instant reporting!!!
  2. Zoho Challenge - A very nice suite of tools that allows users to create quizzes w/ a nice polished look.
  3. MyStudiyo - Create online multimedia quizzes w/ this innovative site. As w/ most quiz sites a user can either post their quiz online or embed it into their site (ideal for education).
  4. Quibblo - A fun/easy site for creating quizzes in a social networking environment. Quizzes can be rated, shared w/ others, and even embedded into a site.
  5. Testmoz - A great site for creating quizzes w/ 4 question types. Also, this site is very user friendly and is taken by generating a unique URL.
  6. ProProfs - A bit more robust then the other sites but still nice for creating quizzes. The paid version offers up more features such as student tracking, privacy settings, etc etc.
  7. GoToQuiz - A very simple site for creating a quiz that generates a unique URL for others to take.
  8. ClassMarker - Another nice site for creating embeddable quizzes, similar to ProProfs. The paid version opens up a lot more options for the users.
  9. Braineos - A fun site for creating flash card based quizzes on a number of different subjects.
  10. QuizStar - Create classes w/ students to take online quizzes.
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  1. What a useful list! Thanks for providing this resource. Many times people provide similar lists without actually testing the items themselves. It's apparent that you've tested these.

  2. Hi David,

    Thank you for making such an amazing list!

    I also use Studystack ( and Quizlet ( I guess they are more like flashcards but with the test/quiz functions.

    Thank you very much again for your great post!

  3. Hi David- you are providing exemplar resources for educators to make their jobs much easier!

    Keep up the great work!

    Naomi Harm

  4. Another site that fits this category that I use is It has some great features, including contextual examples from online news articles.

  5. thax for gr8 commenting nice writen by you and very usefull .

  6. Thanks for this informative post! I really appreciated it :) cafe24 youtube extension

  7. Hi David, there's a new one to add to your list, which enables easy creation of online multiple-choice quizzes and exams from PowerPoint slides:

    QuizSlides -

    You can use the QuizSlides platform to create quizzes that can be taken anonymously which give instant feedback to the test taker, or you can use it to create multiple-choice examinations for assessing a group of examinees, with or without negative marking. Hope you like it.

    (Disclosure: I'm the founder!)


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