Tuesday, February 22, 2011

K12 Advantage

K12 Advantage is a new site that I just found out about that is a great resource for educators. I like to think of it as a cross between Blackboard, Moodle, and Moople. At heart it is a social network but it is much more then that. It is online environment filled w/ educational resources, a forum, a chat area (text,audio, video), etc etc. It is designed to bring educators together for collaboration and improve their technology literacy. Best of all this site is 100% free!!!

I highly recommend checking out K12 Advantage by clicking here!!!


  1. Sounds like a cool website. I'll definitely have to tell my friends (well, the ones who are teachers) about this!

  2. Thanks very much for mentioning my site! K12Advantage.com has been an ongoing project for over a year now. Publicity is the biggest thing needed now (more users and more discussions).

    I really want K-12 staff to help steer the direction of the site, so the more input the better.

    I couldn't have said it better myself, it is indeed a social network, but with the tools and resources provided it is so much more.

    Thank you for the kind words and for mentioning K12Advantage.com . See you online!


    Ernest A.
    Site Administrator (K12 Advantage).


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