Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 YouTube Goodies

I'd like to start off by saying this post gave me some trouble on trying to come up w/ a name for it. I actually decided to combine two lists into one, and could just as well as gone w/ Top 10 YouTube Tips or Extras for the title. That being said, I wanted to create a list of the top ways to edit YouTube videos and top ways to filter YouTube to make it safer for educational viewing.

Top 5 Ways to Make YouTube Viewing Safer for Schools
  1. YouYube: Safety Mode - This is a great new feature which is simple to use. By clicking on the safety mode button at the bottom left of a YouTube screen it filters inappropriate words from comments or allow inappropriate videos to be played.
  2. ViewPure - Nice way to remove comments and ads from YouTube video and easy to use. Also, can install a bookmarklet into your browser for convenience.
  3. Safe Share TV - A great site which generates a unique safe URL for viewing YouTube content.
  4. Silentube - Installs a bookmarklet in your browser to watch all YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo videos in peace.
  5. Vusafe - An excellent way for an educator to create a safe environment for students to watch videos.
Other - (Quietube)

Top 5 Ways to Edit YouTube Videos
  1. YouTube: Video Editor - A great tool that allows users to upload a video, then edit it by cropping, adding soundtrack, and creating a mash-up.
  2. Tube Chop - A excellent site that is super easy to use for editing YouTube videos by entering a URL and selecting the start/stop times.
  3. SnipSnip.It - Easy to use site by entering a URL and selecting the start & stop times (similar to Tube Chop).
  4. VidScan - A great way to view YouTube videos in a timeline to figure out which sections you want to watch.
  5. VideoANT - A fun way to watch a YouTube video and then annotate it as it plays along.
Other Goodies
  • Synchtube - Create a public or private room where users can view the same video and chat in real time.
  • Kick YouTube - Easy way to view YouTube videos being blocked by a filter.
  • SaveVideo.Me - Great way to save any number of different video formats.
  • SaveYouTube - Excellent way to save YouTube videos.

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  1. What do you think of DragonTape?

  2. Thanks for the resources! I particularly appreciate the safe viewing choices. Even though I teach high school nothing is worse than suddenly discovering that the original lesson idea has been hijacked by an inappropriate ad.
    Last year I decided to create a YouTube channel for my film students specifically to help model how it can be a useful tool for sharing our work, and to create discussion beyond the wall of my classroom. Most of my students had their own channels, but many had given little thought to the digital footprint they were creating.
    YouTube is a powerful tool for the classroom, but there is much to consider!


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