Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Moople is a site (and soon to be cloud based application) that is designed to help educators & students w/ collaborating and online learning. Moople stands for My Open Online Personal Learning Environment. It kind of reminds me of a content management system and is free like Moodle, but that is not entirely accurate. It is an educational portal that can be designed to meet any educator or students needs, via widgets and other means.

Also, it integrates well w/ WordPress, Moodle and Google Apps and looks to be a nice tool for technology integration in the upcoming year.

I highly recommend checking out Moople by clicking here!!
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  1. This is interesting, I work in IT at a University maintaining websites for my department. We, like most schools, use the terrible Blackboard web framework for our online class material.

    Moople looks like overtime it could be a viable option for some school to get away from the cloded Blackboard software to a more generic framework that can be integrated with different systems.


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