Monday, December 26, 2011


Canvastic is a nice free site for creating digital art pictures through the use of drawing/painting tools.  A person can select their brush size and paint color and then create a custom sketch.  A finished pictures can be saved, printed, or even replayed to watch the art work be created.

I highly recommend checking out Canvastic by clicking here!!


  1. I'm hard pressed to recommend this product. The tool set is extremely limited. The "Save" action is meaningless insofar as I can tell. I have tried twice and while it appears something might be happening there is no indication where the saved content might be located.

  2. The save function downloads a jpg to your download folder.

    The free version is limited but the subscription version has more tools. You can try the full version for 5 minutes here:

    Schools can request a trial subscription:


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