Monday, December 19, 2011


Tabletquiz is a very new and innovative site/app for creating and taking quizzes on a mobile device.  The way this is works is a person registers on (TQ) to create their quiz.  A quiz can contain 20 multiple choice style question w/ 4 answers each.  A question can contain, text, audio, video, etc.  When the quiz is finished an email will be sent out to the quiz creator with the app installation info.  The quiz creator can share the app with other persons by simply forwarding this email. This email will contain the installation link and code.  The app is then installed via the mobile device's browser.  The app can then be run on the devices and the data can be collected on Tabletquiz's website.  This data can then be exported into a Excel for further analysis.

I highly recommend checking out Tabletquiz by clicking here, as this can be a great resource for those districts in a 1 to 1 environment.

For my top 10 quiz creators click here.

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